A. M. Macdonald

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The Starsingers

Defeated. Shackled. They will rise again.

Ten years ago, the Starsingers–tyrannical magicians who draw their power from the stars–suffered a brutal defeat at the hands of an ancient order of magic-resistant peacekeepers.

A fragile balance has settled over the world, and despite the anger simmering within the five families of starlight magicians, they have lived in a truce with the starless commoners…until now. When a series of assassinations disrupts the balance and throws the islands into chaos, the factions ready themselves for another war.

AHRYN, eldest child of an Astral House, abandons her studies and hunts the assassin who killed her family. Her magic is wild and untrained–even dangerous–and her rage may be the key to unshackling her kind.

EZAI is lost, a victim of the corruption that plagues his order, and a stain on his family’s legacy. Seeking purpose, he promises justice to a grieving father, but his investigation leads him down a dangerous path.

TAKHA, a starless commoner and master of manipulation. has had to lie and cheat to survive. When he latches onto the winds of rebellion surging through the people in his endless search for power, he can finally act on his hatred.

Each has a part to play in the coming conflict, but none know of the danger forgotten by time stirring on the horizon, and it will take a union of starlight, steel, and faith to save the world.