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Adventures in Instagram


Once, long ago, I wasn’t so old. (To be clear, I’m only 37). Despite clutching to the past, where I lived on the bleeding edge of technological adoption, the current activities of the young mystify me; specifically, I refer to the Zoomer and Influencer generation. How these kids manage to cultivate followings in the hundreds of thousands, even millions, whether on Twitch or Instagram or [insert platform here], I’ll never know. (Except pro gamers. I totally get that). Indisputably, they are all leveraging something in brilliant ways. I am specifically interested in the #bookstagram phenomenon.

The idea of making books sexy—and designs and places surrounding books—is one I fervently support. And what an opportunity for the aspiring or already successful author. If an author managed to infiltrate the sphere of 20-somethings (and younger?) and seize on the market they’ve cornered, said author could tap into a vast, previously undiscovered or uncatored audience. This is where my adventure begins.

I’ve created an author account on Instagram, and I’ve decided on a theme: I’m going to post small snippets from my #wip—little quotes with captions providing some perspective and insight. The quotes will be dropped onto backgrounds reflecting the imagery of the quote. I hope this will have the effect of creating a pleasing, consistent aesthetic. While I doubt I’ll ever be anywhere good or young enough, or produce anything pretty enough, to compete in the online influencer space, I can participate. I think it’s important I try.

So, we’ll see in the coming weeks and months whether I can develop any interest all all. I’m betting not, but wouldn’t it be nice if I did!

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