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Audiobooks and 2020


It’s been so long. How did I spend my 2019? Not writing, (un)fortunately…? Instead, I spent months producing both titles—Dybsy and Remember the Dawn into audiobooks! The process was fascinating and complex, from auditions and narrator selection all the way through reading along while listening to flag and timestamp errors and ways to do things different. (Let me tell you, if you want to copyedit your own manuscript, do this). Dybsy released in July 2019, and RTD released in August 2019. To date, the audiobooks have proven far more successful than their kindle counterparts. Hurrah!

What’s next, you ask? I must admit I have over seven different works in progress right now, all of varying lengths. (The longest abandoned work is about 35,000 words). That said, I have finally seized on a singular story and I am working avidly to get a first draft done before the end of the year. It is more historical fiction than fantasy, in the style of Guy Gavriel Kay. I am not comparing myself to him, the master of lyrical prose, but I endeavour all the same. I would like this book, once finished, to be my opus. I would like it to be remembered and discussed like Tigana or The Lions of Al Rassan. Lofty goals, but we must ever reach upward.

On another friend, I am trying to get serious about social media. My Twitter is a joke, and will need overhaul in the future; however, my focus is currently on Instagram. I believe I’ve found a theme for how I want to interact. Since I’ve nothing really interesting to share these days but for imagination, I’m going to regularly post brief quotes from my work-in-progress. This should make the page look pretty-ish, considering the design template I will use, and will hopefully ingrain me into the author circles. Whatever results, it is an experiment I am excited to undertake.

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