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Hey readers. It’s been awhile.

First things first: I launched Remember the Dawn on December 20th and had a live launch event on December 27th. IT WAS AWESOME. The pictures are still on my girlfriend’s camera, and I promise to upload them soon. You can check out my instagram for the vibe, if you’d like. I definitely recommend doing live launches for all your self-published releases! Even if it’s just family and friends, there’s a special feeling to having a few pints while watching a bunch of people read your work. I even did a live reading! What a night it was.

In the almost 2 months since release, I’ve seen a good reception. I’ve sold 60 copies through Amazon, and another 70 paperbacks at my launch event, work, and at an author ‘signing’ at a local bookstore chain. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention–I totally did that! I’ve also snagged 5,519 page reads through Kindle Unlimited. All in all, it’s not a bestseller or anything, but I think that’s a pretty good release for a self-published author. One more thing: I’m getting an audiobook produced!

The ancillary effect to releasing Remember the Dawn has been an uptick in Dybsy’s visibility. I’ve seen more sales and more page reads. I guess what they say is true: the more books you write, the better you do. It’s like a snowball. This week I went live with my first professional cover for Dybsy, and that has made things even better (I looove the cover, by the way).

So, where I am now? I’ve written 15,000 words of Book Two of the Staringers, titled The Starlight Doctrine. Unfortunately, I’ve stalled out over the last month. I think I might just be Starsingered out for the time being, which is fine. The foundation is set and the story is largely plotted, so I just need to put words on a page. In the mean time, I am making absurd progress on a cyberpunk/dystopia inspired by Alita: Battle Angel. I’ve smashed 10.500 words in three days, and the scenes are stacking up. I already know where I’m going next, and it’s super exciting.

That’s all from me, for now. To those of you who’ve read my books, I sincerely hope you’ve enjoyed the experience. To those of you in the middle of reading, keep going! And to those of you who are considering, I promise you this: at the end of the book, if nothing else, you’ll have had fun.