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Beta Readers and Cowboy Dystopia


Can I just say how much editing sucks? I didn’t forget after Dybsy, I just chose not to remember. And this time around I’m much more adept at how to edit, thus doing it properly and more in depth. I’d guess I’m about 50+ hours into the several edits, and I’m now 70% done the final rewrite.

That said, I’ve secured a whole whack of beta readers! I guess the blurb and first chapter sparked some interest on Reddit. There are 6 readers from Reddit and 4 from IRL. I’d guess maybe 3 or 4 will read the entire thing and give me feedback, which is a pretty good rate from what I gather.

I’ve lined up a professional editor that is widely respected for the final touches, and I’m hoping to receive beta feedback around the same time. So that’s where I’m at with Remember the Dawn.

On the side, when able, I’m starting to put out words on my new project.  It’s untitled and I’ve barely written an entire scene, but I’m mind-mapping a story structure. This is the one, I think. Here it is in four words: Cowboy Dystopia with Magic.