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SPFBO 2017!


My friend recently tweeted at me to enter Dybsy into the Self Published Fantasy Blog-Off. This is a competition run by Mark Lawrence – http://mark—lawrence.blogspot.ca/2017/05/spfbo-2017-call-to-authors.html – to give indie authors a platform to promote their self-published fantasy books.

The question of Science Fiction versus Fantasy arises. Is there a distinction? Can there be hybrids? Are they mutually exclusive? Mark’s guidelines say that if I think my book is fantasy, then it is, and in the comments section of his blog he equates magic to fantasy when questioned about books resembling The Hunger Games or Divergent. With this context, I believe Dybsy satisfies a hybrid Sci-Fi/Fantasy element. It takes place in an alternate world and specifically within real life video games that happen with a heavy focus on magic and sorcery. So the video game within the science fiction shell is very much fantasy, so the reader is pushed through a fantasy perspective.

At the end of the day, it will be up to the adjudicating bloggers to decide whether Dybsy qualifies. I hope so, because I want people to read and enjoy my book. If disqualified, fair enough, and my internal turmoil re Science Fiction and Fantasy will be addressed. For now.