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Free Book Promotion!


I’m going to list Dybsy for FREE this weekend. I’m hoping the two-day free book promotion attracts a whole of interest (and some positive reviews). Need to trigger a snowball effect, somehow. I really, really don’t want Dybsy to die in the back of Amazon for ever and ever, but I don’t have inflated expectations about it’s capacity to sell. I just want it to be found and enjoyed.

Adventures in Marketing


Marketing is hard. I need to reach people and let them know Dybsy exists and remind them that they want to read it. But how? I’ve signed up for a Twitter ad campaign, so I’m getting a lot of clicks to my Amazon page. It’s hard to tell if those translate to sales, though. I also signed up for a Kindle ad campaign, where I’m not getting so many clicks. I’ve also managed to get my Facebook account disabled for policy violations – and subsequently enabled after an appeal – for no reason that I can comprehend. I’ll start the Facebook ad campaign today.

Probably my most exciting piece of news is the long shot I took – I bought a gift copy of my book and sent it to Day9 in the hopes he’d read it. It was claimed! We’ll see what happens.

I just hit the publish button.


We made it, folks. I’ll edit this post with the link from Amazon when it’s available!


We are live!


My girlfriend is amazing. There is no conceivable way this website would exist without her help. I thought I could figure out how to migrate a locally hosted WordPress site to a web hosted server – nope! Instead, I edited my wp-config.php file without a backup and broke everything. It took us three hours, but we (she) got it done. Now I’m here!

So where do I stand as far as the book goes? Just finalizing details with the artist for a book cover that will be great. The book itself is finito – done – and ready to publish. Here we go, folks!

Concept Cover From My Guild



This speaks for itself.

The End and Beginning


Book 1 is coded, uploaded, and awaiting only a finalized cover to be published.

And Book 2 is underway!

Final Manuscript


My editor delivered the final manuscript this morning. It’s a feeling I can’t describe. I’ve wanted to write a book since I was 13  years old. It took me another 17 years to settle on an idea and another 2 to finish something half-way decent. I’m here now.

To the e-book coding we go.