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Second Look Covers


While browsing /r/selfpublish a few weeks ago, I came across a fellow named Faus who designs book covers for both e-book and hardcopy, as well as manages websites. His site is www.fausga.com. I checked out his work, e-mailed him about finding him on Reddit, and solicited some work to get some more book cover concepts. Here are his preliminary designs:

I really like the circuit jack design. It is very much suggestive of a wormhole or portal through which something will come or go, and of course that is a central tenet of the book. If I could ask for alteration – and I can! – it would be to infuse some sort of gamer vibe. I’m not sure how to do that. The only other alteration would be the title text. I like the brightness of it – how it glows off the page – but the font makes it a little hard to read. The author text is great. If we could use the author text for the title text – or even something like the title text from the second design – I think we’d be really close.

My perfect world would be to take the color and style from the circuit jack concept and port them into my girlfriend’s design. The circuit jack is exactly the feel of the cover I want, but the imagery from my girlfriend’s design is better when it comes to the story (the difference is she’s read the book).

Path of Exile


I’m downloading a new game today. It’s not new, but it’s new to me. I was a massive Diablo 2: LOD fan, and Diablo 3 was pretty disappointing for me. My WoW guildies encouraged me to download POE, because I have an extremely addicting and OCD personality when it comes to researching and theorycrafting. We’ll see how it goes!


*Update* It’s day four. Send help.

First Look Covers


My girlfriend is a graphic designer. Last year, for my birthday, she read my entire first completed draft of Dybsy (she hates Sci-Fi and video games in general, so this surely was a struggle). As a gift to me, she designed this concept:

I like it! I like the electricity flowing from the sky and forming into the tip of the Director’s spire at Vector Academy. I would prefer more black, white, and steely blue, and there are no clouds in the Singe. If she was designing the cover I would ask her for the lightning/circuits to flow straight down and slowly merge into the entire mega-city of Vector Academy rather than funnel into the Director’s Spire. As is, it’s a gift that took a lot of time and effort that I will always cherish.

So, about that.


Holiday release? Yeah, right. Here we are, six months later, and today I finally – finally – finished my last read through and major edit of the draft. It’s now with my editor for the finishing touches. It is the best I can make it. Somebody once say artists never finish their work; they abandon it. How true. There comes a point of stopping. I’ve reached that point.

I hired a professional cover designer. I’m expecting their concepts by next week. Very, very excited.

Assuming the clean and final draft comes back soon, I’ll start getting back into CSS and Sigil and see about getting a final product.

It’s happening, folks.