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CSS, Sigil, and e-publishing.


Apparently, you need to do these things to publish an e-book:

  1. Write it;
  2. Edit it;
  3. Format it; and
  4. Design it.

I wrote the book. I tried editing the book – twice – and decided to pay a freelance editor. I’m also likely going to pay an artist to design the cover. Instead of parting ways with more money, I decided to try and format the book myself. Here’s the thing about formatting: It’s really called programming. I spent all weekend learning CSS and relearning HTML. To my horror I learned Geocities is no more, and with it my amazing HTML skills. That’s an old person joke, for you kids out there.

To my amazement, I think I’m doing OK. I watched a lot of YouTube videos (A LOT), read a lot of websites (not just Reddit), and coded hundreds of different stylesheets to see how they work. I’m using a program called Sigil to do the CSS coding (I copy pasted the manuscript from Word as plain text). I don’t know what other programs are out there, but Sigil seems clean. Once finished with the Sigil file, I load it up in Kindle Previewer to see how the finished form looks. Many, many attempts later, I think I’m finally satisfied with a title page and and text format.

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