A. M. Macdonald

Author and Geek Culture Emissary. Speaking the word of nerd.



My name is A. M. Macdonald (Asher for short). I write science fiction and fantasy. Sometimes people like to read things I have written (but sometimes not). I hope you do!

In December 2015 I finished the first draft of my first novel. It’s called Dybsy, and it’s about competitive gaming, virtual reality, string theory, and other stuff. A legendary gamer and esports champion discovers an entirely new world where a real war is taking place—a video game war. When he’s recruited, he must join the fight and find out how good he really is. This book is basically about me while growing up (and probably still now)—except that I am neither legendary nor an esports champion. But one can dream.

I am about to release the first book in my NEW EPIC FANTASY SERIES. The book is called Remember the Dawn. The series is called The Starsingers. If you like young protagonists becoming badass magicians, and if you like old and honourable Templar-like figures, and if you like scheming, manipulation, and politics, then this series is probably for you!

So, more about me. I’m a pretty big geek. I play Magic: The Gathering and Pathfinder. I also play League of Legends, Civilization, everything made by Blizzard, and much more. I am ridiculously excited for Artiact. I’m a big chess player, too, because we need to remember our roots.

I hope you browse through my blog posts and subscribe to my mailing list (DID YOU GET THE POPUP!?), because I’d love to keep in touch and let you know about what’s going on with my writing.